Facade Refurbishment

We offer a wide range of Facade Refurbishment services, such as banks, hotel groups, commercial and large-scale buildings. Our services are also including preventive inspection works in order to make early detection of water leakage and to detect structural problems due to previously poorly performed workmanship. You are responsible to inspect your façade to ensure that people and property are not damaged or hurt due to falling debris such as cladding and other materials.

We make a tailor made plan for your needs and requirements together with our engineers.

Swift Access™ is providing all related works with Facade Works with warranty such as:

  • Emergency Glazing
  • Facade Inspection
  • Leakage Repair and Waterproofing
  • High-Level Glass Replacement
  • Cladding Repair
  • Commercial Film Coating
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Plaster and Painting work
  • Confined Space Services
  • Others

Emergency Glazing

At Swift Access, we like to be prepared for any eventuality. With our array of pre-planned emergency solutions for a whole host of situations, we are ideally suited for any Façade emergency.

Any glazing damage can be deemed dangerous, whether to the occupants of a building, or pedestrians below a high-rise. These situations require unplanned maintenance, which can be difficult to arrange in a hurry. Swift Access can support clients with, fast deployment of technicians, short set-up times and rapid removal of damaged glazing. When the replacement glazing is not instantly available, we have pre-designed temporary protection paneling to provide a fast solution to an unexpected problem. This allows clients additional time to source the required replacement panels with peace of mind knowing that the potential risk of further damage or personal injury from broken glass or fallings debris has been eliminated.

Facade Inspection

It is always when maintaining integrity of any asset to have a clear idea of its’ current condition. This is no different when maintaining the integrity of a façade. Our team is on-hand to assist with inspection planning and scheduling. And our experienced Rope Access Façade Specialists are able to conduct detailed inspections with very little set up time and without the need for large access equipment. Our methods typical have little to no impact on the building occupants.

Leakage Repair and waterproofing

It rarely rains in the UAE, but as the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours”.

When a leakage is found, a quick and effective repair is needed to minimize further damage from water ingress. Our team is at hand to efficiently perform all manner of leakage repairs, with the majority of work being performed externally for minimal disturbance. Leakage inspections can be included in our Façade Inspection packages, allowing advanced detection, no matter the weather.

High-Level Glass Replacement

With our multi-skilled Rope Access Technicians, glass replacement of any scale or height can be easily accommodated by Swift Access™. Planning, materials sourcing, logistics, access and installation can all be handled by our in-house team.

Cladding Repair

Falling debris (such as cladding and glass) from any building facade can cause harm to people or property, which can result in additional costs as well as reputational damage.

  • Fire damage removal
  • Full design and installation services
  • Cutting edge corrosion remedy
  • Patch repair and coatings renewal
  • Scratch, dent and composite panel repairs
  • Installation of secondary support systems
  • Concrete repair
  • Replacement of panel core insulation
  • Replacement and reinforcement of cladding panels
  • Emergency removal or repairing of loose cladding elements

Commercial Film Coating

Swift Access™ uses only the very best of window films, engineered to the highest standards in the industry.

Our wide range of films are specially designed to improve glass performance. Utilizing coatings on glass can greatly reduce heat transmission and glare on the exterior of a building. An additional benefit is increased , safety, and privacy.

We can also install both permanent and temporary signage or marketing materials on all building surfaces. Our technicians have both the knowledge and experience to carry out this work without damage to surface finishes.

Commercial Cleaning

Maintaining a building façade aesthetically is just as important as maintaining its’ integrity. Swift Access™ can provide all manner of cleaning services, be it one-off jobs to an annual contract. Our added-value services of simultaneous inspections and rectifications being carried out in unison with cleaning are a client favourite.

So on your next order for façade cleaning, ask us to combine it with a visual façade inspection. We will then, generate a full report on your façade including suggested rectifications and preventative measures to keep your façade both clean and well maintained.

Plaster and painting work

A professional applicators knows how to prepare the surface before any paint is applied. Power washing the surface is the first step in most cases, and may be followed by scraping loose paint and possibly sanding. We are experts, and know what treatment your job requires to insure that work is done properly.

  • Restoration and painting
  • Painting and waterproofing
  • Jet spray
  • Sandblasting
  • Spray painting and Rollerbrush
  • Full surface preparation

Confined Space Services

A confined space can have low natural ventilation (poor oxygen levels), contaminants, toxic gases, free flowing solids, extreme temperatures or ingress of water. It is space or area which is not intended for human inhabitation especially during continuous work. Confined spaces include but are not limited to Storage Tanks, Building Shafts, Pits, Silos, Ducting, Ventilation, Vessels, Sewers, Service Tunnels, Culverts, Pipelines, Voids and Chambers. If you are unsure if your areas fall into these categories.

Swift Access Technical Services LLC has the experience, equipment and expertise to make your worksite safe, efficient and problem-free. please call our specialists who will more than happy to help.

Confined space services